Cerberus Sips the Elderflower

Daily Draw September 29th, 2012

While we were waiting for the appointment at the naturopath, I popped into the hobby shop next door, and they always carry lovely plastic animals. I noticed they had a new line of knights and dragons and down near the bottom of the display was CERBERUS for $6.99 so I had to buy him. As a fan of Dante’s Inferno and the attendant artwork by various artists through the centuries, the image of Cerberus at the gates of Hell is one of my favourites.


“I believe in my dreams and their potential for manifestation.”

The dragonflies flitting through the flowers remind me so much of my own garden in the late summer. The scent is wonderful, we have some Evening Scented Stock by the door and when I take the dog out at night the scent knocks me down. Summer hums with insects and inside the body, processes hum and repair themselves.

My blood sugar is back to normal levels!

You never know what you can manifest next. I’m off to take Cerberus for a walk in the woods to see The Standing People.



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