The Princess of Seed Beads

Daily Draw September 16th, 2012

Yesterday we had quite a day putting up a new fluorescent light in the basement here with several trips to the hardware store and some jury rigging up in the ceiling for a pseudo-joist to attach the fixture to. We still have another one to install (the old lights have dead baffles and are 26 years-old) but I think we might have to leave it until next week. My husband had a badly torn tendon in his shoulder two years ago that took a year to heal and nearly required surgery, so I don’t want him to hurt his arm again, and he said he was sore last night.

At least I can see the computer again.

A quick draw from the Cosmic Tarot:


Oh the ice in those eyes, eh?

She is young and flowery but watch that sword tip. Watch out for gossip’s Sweet Young Thing. She is a good one for the vitality to see a project through. I just finished some gifts (which you can see on my other blog) and now the world opens up to finishing 4 other projects I have recently found the energy to haul out again with the fresh eye of the Princess of Swords.

The Princess needs her jewellery. At least she makes it herself. Of course with her falcon eye no one else would do it properly.

Sword people, don’t you LOVE them?






2 thoughts on “The Princess of Seed Beads

    • Thanks Steve. I am not really fond of animal prints myself but I was pleased that these turned out so well for my friend.

      The matte black with the brass accents looks so elegant and I thought I achieved a really earthy feel to the second pair with the various stones and patterns.

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