PCO Monthly – September 2012

Daily Draw September 13th, 2012

I missed my Playing Card Oracles overview last month because I was on holidays, but I seem to be getting some of the same cards.

1) 10 of Hearts – Allegra – Week 1

I laughed when I pulled this because the allergy medication I am using right now is called Allegra. Small world.

What I felt here was that she is on the hunt but hampered by blindness. She is walking over water on stepping stones, carrying a heavy bag and her arrow quiver is empty, so she is almost defenseless. I think it is my loss of logic and reliance on want and emotion that are causing all my watery emotion and impulsiveness and moodiness and leaving me open to blind want.

2) 8 of Spades – Field of Stone – Week 2

Time has run out, the vultures are gathered, sensing your weakness.Fruition of bad seeds, obstacles. You need to wait for a better time. This would tie in with Carcer as my 2nd Witness in the Geomantic figures.

3) 3 of Clubs – The Wish – Week 3

Put your thinking cap on. Balancing the crystal ball—balancing now for the future. Thought has influence because of the creative power of the mind. Look inside your own head for manifestation and guard the direction your thoughts take.

I bought a book because I lost my first copy of it that my brother gave me when I was a teenager: Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, still in print 42 years later. There are several authors who are proponents of visualization but I like that he says to visualize and then let go; the letting go and letting your brain work is the important thing. The letting go aspect is like the Geomantic Judge figure.

Think really hard about what I want and visualize myself doing it and then let it go, no straining, no worry and fretting about the goal, let the brain do the work. That’s what the person on this card is doing, wishing it into existence at a later time.

4) 3 of Hearts – The Clutch – Week 4

The clutching motion we make trying to hang on. This card is all over the place with bits and pieces needing to come together. The fragmentation sees a need to put myself back together. This too reminds me of the Judge figure and losing old ideas, putting together a new picture in my mind.

Geomantic Figures

Generally Carcer and Amissio are not good figures but taken with the whole reading and the 1st Witness I think Carcer is about my knees and body again and the delay or isolation I feel because of the pain. I simply need to wait, there is no instant fix.

Amissio is about loss but I really feel this month that the loss is more like a shedding of old skin. I wish to lose my old ideas as well as weight and pain. It’s letting go, letting it all melt away, losing old junk for a newer stability and long-term success.

I am enclosed in Hearts and emotion, which is me wanting everything to change immediately, but I need to wait and plug away and think it into being.



3 thoughts on “PCO Monthly – September 2012

  1. I think you and a lot of others that use playing card and Lemonardcard is really good. I struggle with my tarot and try to learn them yet. Your cat sounds like a real sweetie, is it a cat that talks much? We had a Siamesecross when i was young and that cat always talked and if you enjoyed been answer with mjau in diffrent way you could talk to him as a friend:-) Do you have a picture of the cat in any old post?

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