Blessings and Infinity

Daily Draw September 9th, 2012


This resonated in the booklet today: “We are so busy fearing our death, we forget to live…”

Life itself is the blessing. I had a hard time yesterday as my edema came back, blowing up my feet and legs and generally making me feel bad. I had a great sleep and feel much better today.

When I awoke I went right to designing a background for an old, old bead embroidered necklace. I have a beautiful green ceramic cabochon with a dragonfly in the reeds that I love. The first cabochon that I made for this ended in the garbage. I picked all my silk ribbon to use and organized it in Ziploc bags; I was all set to go and it went into a drawer for five years or so after I realized the cabochon I made was not going to work.

The infinity of design is that it’s never too late. So I made more cabochons. After 12 coats of varnish they are ready, I am just waiting for some glue and backing in in the mail. The silk ribbon flowers will fit in around the large ceramic cabochon.

Who knows what this will look like when I’m done? Planning is an illusion. I know that I will use some sort of spiral rope for the attachment. It pays to wait and build your skills and add new techniques to the mix. Learning is a blessing as is colour and material and waiting until just the right idea comes along.

The bluish purple butterflies on this card remind me of the Rumi Tarot Necklace, which was also waiting for the right idea in the infinite mix of time, so I could finish it.

Good things coming up as I remember to live.



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