Greener Grass in Cornwall

Daily Draw September 5th, 2012

I have been having a so-so time lately despite having several creative projects on the go. I am working on yet another beaded necklace (number three) and some new beads and cabochons that are ready to be urethaned.

Just not feeling up to talking right now. How about a nice graphic?

This is a postcard my friend sent me from Cornwall when he was there on holidays.

From an original water-colour by David Skipp

“The north coast is Thomas Hardy’s Cornwall – he met his first wife here whilst restoring a nearby church and used the area in his novel A Pair of Blue Eyes. The village has now recovered from the floods of 2004 and the splendid scenery is worth a visit.”




5 thoughts on “Greener Grass in Cornwall

  1. Okay, so we can jet over to England, meet up in London, (Jess can probably make a Eurorail connection to join us) and then it’s on to Cornwall!!

  2. Does this mean I have to go back again to meet you all?


    I had such a good time there and knew that the postcard would be right up your street, JJ. Nice to see it again. Boscastle has a lovely feel to it, and obviously, The Witches Museum is really interesting. We’d have to barter on the tarot decks round there though, as they go for silly money, due to tourist visits. Altogether, lovely place.

    • Yes of course you have to come back, it wouldn’t be the same without you. We would be incomplete, wandering around wanting to sketch things but lacking direction.

      Hey, we could all do sketches and make the Boscastle Tarot. There would have to be some chickens as well as seascapes.

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