Cats Who Read Rumi

Daily Draw August 29th, 2012

I am working up a second sample of a spiral rope necklace. There are all kinds of things you can add to this or you can combine patterns and have something more exuberant like a Dutch Spiral in the centre. I am working up to that.

Meanwhile, because of my success finally in learning this technique, I can continue on with the Rumi Tarot Necklace I have been working on since I bought that deck in June 2009. The deck has gorgeous artwork and colours and lit me up with inspiration; Nifty Nige does it again!

I was trying to emulate the borders in that deck, with a celery green and emerald background and border and it wasn’t looking right, which was why I put it aside for so long. I also am not happy with the small section of bright yellow. I can’t take it out so I am going to embellish over it.

So I hauled everything out yesterday and fiddled around with colours and got the palette pared down. ArtBeads had a 25% off sale on Japanese seed beads so I placed a $30 order and got some stuff to add to my stash so I can resolve the colour problems with this and finish the necklace, along with a custom spiral rope and a custom bail to attach it to the rope.

It is quite exciting. I often leave projects when I can’t resolve a design problem, and sure enough, it always comes to my mind again, my brain working on the problem in the subconscious, trying to fit it together. It might take two months, or it might take 12 years, but I finish it regardless. That is the nice thing about creative projects, I never worry about starting and stopping, the answer to how to rectify a problematic design comes to mind when it comes.

I saw someone mentioning that people start too many projects because they get bored. What a stupid notion. I never get bored, I’m on full burn hyperdrive too often, dashing about creating. But now and then a good project bogs down and I have to give it time to resolve.

IX OF CATS (9 of Swords)

He’s tangled up in that yarn, having started a spectacularly complicated orange-coloured cabled sweater, he realizes that the overall orange makes him look like a pumpkin, so he has to think about how to reconfigure the sweater.

Hey, this cat gets it!!! He knows, he worries and there is nothing he can do, the daggers of the mind need time to sort themselves out until he resolves the issue in his mind.

So he’s off to read some Rumi until the new package of yarn comes that he ordered online. He also bought some ceramic buttons with cats on them—just the thing for the front placket of this sweater, which will get a revamp of green colour.

4 thoughts on “Cats Who Read Rumi

  1. What a lovely necklaces! I can´t understand how patience you must be to get the pearls like that. Do you make them for sell ore just for your own? Big hugs

    • I used to make things for sale but haven’t actively pursued that for several years. If someone commissioned me I might make something but I found when making things to sell that people aren’t willing to spend the money for a necklace that takes 30 hours or more to make.

      The spiral rope pattern works up very fast and I have found it easy and enjoyable to do. I am hoping to experiment with different sizes of beads and finishes and combine it with other stitches.

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