The Young Chevalier

Daily Draw August 27th, 2012

I managed to sleep for 10 hours last night. In retrospect, I think a homeopathic remedy I was taking might have been keeping me wide awake for two nights.


This reminds me of the Robert Burns poem which I have as a song by a wonderful singer, Jean Redpath, who sings Burns’ songs as they were sung in the 18th century. “Charlie he’s my darling, my darling, my darling, Charlie he’s my darling, the young chevalier.”

Today he is bringing a message, dashing in on his horse, doffing his hat, saying “Chip, chip cheerio.” Be cheery, get busy.

I started to learn the spiral rope stitch yesterday and did a passable job. I have been wanting to learn this for ages so I can finish off the Rumi Tarot necklace, and I found a nice group with helpful people and tutorials.

All it takes is a start and then you’re galloping off on a new adventure, learning techniques so you can finally finish an old project.



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