In Which Arthur Shines Some Light on the Lenormand Current

Daily Draw August 26th, 2012

I still haven’t been to sleep yet and it’s 4:30 a.m. Whew, our holiday is wreaking havoc with my sleep schedule and my insomnia has reared up.

I was interested to see that Caitlin Matthews is coming out with a Lenormand deck and book in 2013. That might be worth it. I find it amusing the way people on blogs try to outdo each other on Lenormand history and new insights into that. I suppose I have never treated my decks like Lenormand cards, so my interest in their history is variable, like an air current. Mostly I like to compare the art, including that in the deck I made myself.

I would do that today except the spouse is asleep and I’d have to go upstairs and rumble around in the den to grab all my Lenormand decks. So let’s see what the Blue Dog Rose Tarot has to say about the prevailing Lenormand winds.


The white cockatoo of Apollo, whose name is perhaps Arthur I am thinking, comes to tell us that the Sun might be shining from the latest expert in Lenormand, but it’s the light and colour of the art and symbolism that matters.

Perhaps I could consider the reversed position of this card today, pointing to overindulgence and blindness? Pontificating when the Sun is shining gets tiresome. Relax people. No one cares about your latest startling discovery about Lenormand history. I am being harsh like the light of the Sun, but honestly it gets a bit much, people scrambling all over each other trying to prove they are in-the-know with earth-shattering revelations about history, heretofore undiscovered until they shone their pedantic beacon on the matter.

I simply like the cards.

Arthur needs a nap so we shall be off now.



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