Judith Contemplates the Fickle Spring

Daily Draw August 22nd, 2012



There she is with her tournament knight, brandishing her sword and contemplating cutting the head off Holofernes. I was just showing a friend of mine a card in The Heart Tarot that depicted Judith, and there is a famous painting by Botticelli showing her, which I also have in the Golden Tarot of Botticelli.

It is such a shame that the story of Judith was left out of the Protestant bible. She represents honesty, virtue, and maybe the idea of steeling yourself to do something unpleasant for the greater good.

To go with this I randomly picked a poem from my Poems of the Masters book.

Spring Clearing
by Wang Chia

Before the rain there were buds among the flowers
when it cleared even those below the leaves were gone
all the bees and butterflies flew across the wall
apparently spring has moved to the neighbour’s.

I laughed at that. It is lovely to see that Chinese men from the 9th century had a sense of humour.

The book explains that this poem can be read as a straight comment on his garden, but there are also subtle references to the fickleness of human sentiment, in that you can be the centre of attention one day, and without friends the next. Wang Chia was a prefect and also involved in the Ministry of Rites, so he knew what people and the game of government were like.

We smile when we observe fickle friends and workplace colleagues, switching affiliation like bees and butterflies in the wind. Judith has put the lid on the cup of her emotions; having done her duty for the greater good, she rests alone, wearing a jolly fine cloak and crown.

Way to be J, have a choco truffle darling.


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