Skating Onward, Sneezing

Daily Draw August 21st, 2012

The ragweed is out in full now and I have found that the homeopathic remedy is no longer working on my allergies. After sneezing 25 million times yesterday and ripping my throat and chest out, I gave up and went back to the conventional antihistamine tablets that turn me into a zombie. I have laryngitis today because of the violent sneezing.

I am not up to a big yak on the blog, so thought I’d just grab a random card from a facsimile playing card deck I recently traded for. This is a transformation pack, one of my sub-genres of collecting. I still rue that I don’t have any of Pete Wood’s transformation decks, particularly his 2,000 Pips and Wild! decks.

From the Toscana Playing Cards with artwork by Adolfo Materelli, created about 1850:


“Whoa,” he’s saying, “Stop the world that bloody ragweed is back and I can hardly breathe!” Much waving of arms and dramatic gestures attached to skating on the thin ice of health.





4 thoughts on “Skating Onward, Sneezing

  1. How awful!! I’m sorry to hear of your allergies. I’ve read some things which suggest that boosting general immunity can help allergies and also avoiding food allergens which might be bothering you.

    I’ve read lots of good things about using a neti pot for allergies. I’ve used it for sinus issues, personally. Vitamin C, nettles, quercetin.

    I’ve found this book very useful. You can get it used on Amazon. It covers allergies and sinus issues:

    p.s. please feel free to ignore this! I just hate seeing suffering. 😀

  2. I read that about general health too, and I think that gradually with better food and supplements as I’m getting from the Naturopath, I might in time be able to offset the ragweed. One year when I was very cautious about what I ate, I had minimal trouble with allergies, so I think you are right about food allergies.

    I can’t use a neti pot because of the saline solution. I am very sensitive to salt and it zooms my blood pressure up.

    Thanks for your input Hannah!

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