The Diffident Pincushion

Daily Draw August 20th, 2012



I have been having fun with this deck because almost every card I pull is new to me as I can’t remember them.

This lady has been sticking pins into her heart-shaped pincushion every time she has a worrying thought as she sews. That’s a good way of getting rid of fears and things that “hem” you in. Many times these things are simply in your mind or buried in the tension within your body, but they are not real phantoms.

I have always considered this one of my personal cards, since I do tend to trap myself with my own thoughts and fears. The booklet mentions diffidence and reconciliation, indeed reconciliation with the Self as well as others. Diffidence is a way of unassertiveness and not speaking up for yourself and lacking confidence or being timid. The Latin root of the word means “distrust.”

Diffidence is such a pretty, proper word. I imagine nice, young, well-behaved ladies contemplating reservations, deportment and diffidence, and all the while on a slow burn at the restraints around them. The sharp objects sticking in your heart while you calmly sew yet another hem on a napkin. Sitting quietly and oh so correctly in the corner chair, clenching your teeth, turning red in the face.

Time to beat that pillow up again! Trust yourself, trust your Self.



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