Bubble Up for Kindred Grace

Today I felt like using two decks I had mentioned to a friend. I pulled several cards out last night just because I liked them, and today I picked one from each, based on artwork and feeling alone.


I was really attracted to the colour in this card from the Circle of Life Tarot, and I like the dog at his feet while he contemplates the bubbles and ideas coming out of his cup. There are numbers on his chair at the side like one of those games where there are 15 numbers and one blank space and you have to shuffle the numbers around into order.

I still have my games that I bought from a vending machine at Expo 67 in Montreal back in 1967. I need to fit the numbers back in their case in the proper order. Those numbers, always fooling around and dancing when my back is turned.

The King of Chalices has wings but there seems to be a shivering angel behind his chair. Perhaps an angel of Air who mistakenly went for a swim in the emotional waters of the King? Yes, he helps release emotions but sometimes they aren’t the ones you want. You thought you were going to dip your toe and instead a tidal wave threw you about and soaked you. The booklet says “A heavy load is not a burden if we understand its value.”

This would tie-in nicely with yesterday’s draw. The tidal wave has thankfully receded.


Out of nine cards from The Heart Tarot, I picked this one. Having received the bounty of apples while listening to an early music CD, she contemplates the growth and sight that contemplation can bring. “The help of others should be sought only when truly necessary.”

Oh, one appreciates it when it isn’t asked for.

Ecco la Primavera

Spring has come apace
To waken hearts to gladness;
Time for lovers’ madness
And to wear a happy face.

The elements together
Are beckoning to mirth;
In this delightful weather,
Delight pervades the earth.

The grass in fresh rebirth
Helps meadows come a-flower,
And every branch and bower,
Is decked with kindred grace.

Spring has come apace
To waken hearts to gladness;
Time for lovers’ madness
And to wear a happy face.




2 thoughts on “Bubble Up for Kindred Grace

  1. The cards you shown are really beutiful. The king give me a feeling of the first warm winds in the spring! And the game with numbers, I hated those cause I never find out how to get them back in order:-)

    • I never could solve the puzzles either. I think my logic goes askew.

      The Circle of Life Tarot has wonderful art in it–makes the tarot archetypes very fresh and lively. I recommend it if you are looking for something different.

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