Wolf Power

Daily Draw August 16th, 2012



I know someone who would love this card. Unfortunately she doesn’t talk to me any more. I was talking to my naturopath about friendship and mentioned that I often had friends who threw things back in my face, or took personal information and threw it back if they got irritated with me. She said “That’s not a friend.” Quite so, perhaps I shall learn the lesson finally.

Wolves love their family and like to hunt and sleep together as a group, and raise wolf pups together as a group. Experience is relevant when you are a wolf, giving you more power and wisdom, which is an advantage over other packs of wolves. I suppose that could be said for any animal, but wolves in particular learn from their mistakes and then carry on without making the mistake the biggest thing that ever happened to them. Associate with the best influence, the group that cares about you.

This card is about learning easily and sharing your wisdom. Develop that by studying hard and listening, listening to the real truth of things.



4 thoughts on “Wolf Power

  1. Ah, you have another friend who likes this too. There is something so deep about wolves, I find.

    I also agree about the ‘friend’. The good thing is that people like that highlight those in life who really do care and treat you well.

    • I very much liked this person I am speaking of, but I should have clued in years ago that her lack of respect was a sign that she wasn’t really my friend.

      I’ve had a couple other “friends” like that. Clue in Jude!!!

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