All Kinds of Sacred

Daily Draw August 11th, 2012

I have been scarce on the blog because we are on holidays and still zooming around to appointments.

I’m going to draw a quickie card from the Wisdom for Healing Cards. Two cards came out together (these cards are rather sticky in their lamination.)



It’s interesting that both of these have a collage snippet of music sheets. I started working on a new creative project yesterday and completed two miniature notebooks in the shape of matchbooks. I have a few more styles to work up and then I’ll discuss it on my book and work blog, but I had such fun and thought I’d make a smaller book using some scrapbooking paper with musical notes on it for my husband to carry in his wallet.

I find creative urges to be spiritual, to guide me. The first card on the left mentions needing prayers to be answered and guidance that includes a safety net, but I know that you just have to get along in life with what comes to you. There is no safety net but the nature that surrounds you and clouds of ideas.

Seeing God in all things occurred to me this morning when one of my cats came for a cuddle. During summer allergies and heat, we often don’t get to be as physically close, and I miss him. So for the past two days I have been looking into his eyes and really noticing him when I pat and cuddle with him. The card says to observe everything and everyone through the lens of “This is sacred and it speaks to me.”

The touch of a beloved cat, the joy of cutting patterned paper.




4 thoughts on “All Kinds of Sacred

        • It’s like pulling the plug on anxiety to colour something when you get perfectionistic.

          I do this with digital clip art when I get fed up with my own stuff. A bit of cutting and pasting digitally or physically can simply be fun and colourful without bringing in all that drama about feeling mediocre.

          The trouble is that it can get a little too easy and deter you from using your hands and digging in. Still, it’s nice to mix the two–relaxing.

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