Stop Worrying the Cat Up a Tree

Daily Draw August 8th, 2012

I am again still working on the Play Architecture card for this week so I pulled another lovely card from the Blue Dog Rose Tarot.

V OF DOGS (5 of Clubs; 5 of Wands)


It’s a feeling of not quite getting there, and things not going as planned, the right combination or attitude is just out of reach.She says in the LWB that this can also be an unrealized idea or mental block and a feeling of being unable to proceed.

I am supposed to be finishing a necklace and earring set but I am having trouble sitting down and doing it. I am like this dog, worrying the cat up a tree, focused on the tail but not getting anywhere. She also mentions “competition” in the write-up and I wonder if I feel I have to compete and make the greatest necklace that ever appeared on earth instead of just getting the thing done and making something nice?

Stop it Judith, down girl.


2 thoughts on “Stop Worrying the Cat Up a Tree

  1. I love this image. And I also love seeing the different places these little tails get. There was one hanging out from under the bed the other week, wasn’t there? Or did I dream that.

    Interesting thoughts about the greatest necklace. I chatted to my therapist about that kind of thing and perfectionism the other day. I told her how my expectations hold me back and deter me from enjoying what I am doing or creating. I also told her about the broken shell I bought in Cornwall. How I almost couldn’t look at it after I realised it was broken.

    She told me to put that shell out where I can see it and appreciate it for it’s beauty, even if not perfect or the greatest shell. She said she has a wonky shelf that her husband put up that really bugged her, but now, when she realises that things don’t need to be perfect or great or that we are worried about something that isn’t so important (like my not finishing projects because I don’t think they’re good enough) then she goes looking at that shelf for a reality check and to see how lovely it is and what it stands for.

    This doesn’t completely relate to your post, but it reminded me of what was an interesting conversation, so I thought I’d mention it.

    P.S. You do make great necklaces already 😉

    • No, you didn’t dream it, there was a cat whose tail was peeking out from under a bed.

      I like what your therapist said–that’s one to remember.

      Thanks for saying that about my necklaces!

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