Abandon False Pride, Ye in the Mirror

Daily Draw August 7th, 2012

I have been away for a bit. I got a wonderful homeopathic remedy from the Naturopath for my allergies, which so far seems to be doing the trick without turning me into a doped-up zombie as my regular pills do.

Today I am using two decks based on the work of Caroline Myss. The one on the right is from Wisdom for Healing Cards, and the one on the left with the image inside a hexagon is from Archetype Cards. There are several Child cards in the deck but this is the one I drew today.



Feelings of abandonment and feeling you aren’t part of the family or not accepted as part of the family. Perhaps a basic failure to mature and become independent.

I would say this is quite apt for me. I like in the book where she states this is the “best-known pattern in fairy tales.” I often tell my husband that when my siblings get together, or parents and siblings in earlier years, I can’t get a word in and feel stuck on the periphery like they were the family and I was the tag-a-long. I remember having Christmas dinner at my house and the three siblings started talking about school and teachers and such with some animation. Granted , they are all older than me, but I was not included in the discussion, even though I went to the same school and knew some of the teachers and what happened to them. It’s an odd feeling. I often felt abandoned by my Mom, particularly during the first years of my marriage and when I had some problems as a teenager, one which required police involvement and gave me nightmares for years, nightmares I could never discuss with the family, as we never talked about the situation.

Negative pride (what we call false pride) causes more harm and suffering in relationships and your overall life than can be measured. False pride is poison to your spirit and healing, and makes you lose your power.

I would think maturity includes independence plus the ability to be humble and not be concerned about being alone. If you aren’t included you can still survive. Going it alone is…well, I often think Eastern philosophy and religion covers this best. The Self is not your pride or ego, but simply the quiet spot where you are essentially you, and can go it alone without getting all upset about it or blaming other people.

What a curious draw, I guess I needed some reflection on this.



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