Osprey Sight

Daily Draw August 1st, 2012

12 WARRIOR OF WATER (Knight of Cups)


This depicts the goddess Cerridwen shapeshifting into an osprey. We have lots of ospreys around here, they often drift by circling and calling. After I did this draw, one of the people on a mailing list I am on posted pictures of three ospreys crying and circling near her home–synchronicity!

A journey through the subconscious, stars and the white rose of spirituality, and the clear sight of the osprey, along with the rebirth and regeneration of the goddess.

“A period of renewal and vast life changes is at hand.” Have courage, listen to your intuition. The Knight of Cups always reminds me of the Grail quest and a shining purity of purpose and idealism in the journey.

My Naturopath appointment is tomorrow, so this bodes well I think.



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