Freedom of the Sun God

Daily Draw July 31st, 2012



I originally thought this was a depiction of Krishna and Arjuna, but Surya is the main solar deity and his charioteer is Aruna, his son who hatched from an egg, and apparently does not have legs and is somewhat reddish like the morning sun.

In yoga there is a series of postures called the Sun Salutation, and they came from worship of Surya. I used to do that but I didn’t know it came from this Hindu deity. In his hands are the lotus, wheel or chakra, and conch shell, and he is making a gesture of protection with the fourth hand. The conch, wheel and lotus are also associated with Vishnu and Vishnu also represents solar energy. Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu, which is why I originally thought this card depicted Krishna and Arjuna, although I suppose if it was Krishna he would have been painted the classic blue. The Hindu pantheon is somewhat baffling, and deities get confusing, but what a fascinating puzzle.

Surya represents general vitality and power and freedom from disease and ailments. He is a generative force and has knowledge and life-giving powers.

A good sign leading up to my appointment with the Naturopath. I was filling out my form today and getting down so I shall look to the Sun.



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