Knight Kicks Page, Blossoms into Action Jackson

Daily Draw July 30th, 2012

During our summer holidays we are scheduled to visit a friend’s cottage. I am dithering and wanting to cancel and just feeling hesitant and lacking confidence about it. I was looking around for a 3-card spread I could use to sort it out in my mind and get a more definite answer and insight. I stumbled across one online called Zoe’s Spread which I liked because it cut right to it, with no dilly-dallying and obscure nuances.



1) The Issue – This Ace is the ultimate in groundedness and contentment, which I don’t feel at all. It is also perhaps the ultimate in grounding yourself in nature and the earth. Physical health and manifesting – Aces signify power, fresh starts, success. So I may not feel this power but it is there, and I shouldn’t be afraid of new things. Well-being and good fortune come with this card.

This issue I guess is one of reality. I don’t seem to clue-in to reality much, and instead of blossoming on the earth and living in the Now, I am up in the clouds over-thinking and worrying matters.

2) Don’t Do – A bit too serious and uptight. Great enthusiasm but a single-minded focus—too immersed in my own world; too intense, too much left-brain, too critical and prone to adolescent behaviour and immaturity.

3) Do – I always call this Knight Mr. Harum-Scarum because he charges off, conquering everything, being mentally and physically brave. ACTION – “Just do it!” he cries, getting fed up with my maundering and dithering. This also indicates social activity and a short trip. BE IMPETUOUS. I have been told.

Isn’t this the greatest spread? Not too long and wordy so it clears out the bull—-.



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