Strokes and Bolts

Daily Draw July 27th, 2012

I had my computer turned off again yesterday as we had thunderstorms and rain, which we badly needed. I feel safe doing a laundry today since we had some rainfall.

That’s two days this week my computer has been off and I really got caught up on my reading, and brushed the dog yesterday, and had a bike ride today. I am still pretty sore but doing bits here and there, mostly cooking and cleaning.

I’m going to have a quick draw with the Tarot of the Celtic Fairies today.




No matter where I go, this comes back. I am wondering if instead of thinking of dire consequences, I should think of old patterns being torn down? Maybe, maybe it’s time for the big change to finally gain momentum?

The figure on this card is Amadan, the “Stroke Lad” who strikes people with unexpected disabilities. God, I hope not. Amadan can be both malevolent and benevolent and enjoys administering the “Fairy Stroke” causing paralysis, crippling, or death. We derived our term “stroke” for cerebral haemorrhage from this folk tale. Amadan means “fool” but his touch can be crippling, so he isn’t a funny fool.

Well, I don’t want to have a stroke, so I shall keep Amadan in mind.



2 thoughts on “Strokes and Bolts

  1. Interesting background on that one!

    It’s funny that I never remember any of the images from this deck that you post from when I owned it. They look better coming through you they ever did with me!

    Am off tomorrow, but will mail you while away. There must be some treats to be found on the Cornish coast (evil grin)

    • I always wanted to visit Cornwall because of Derek Tangye’s wonderful books about his daffodil farm and cats there.

      Oh yes, you must hunt up some Cornish treats, preferably of the cardstock variety!

      And YES, I think this little deck found the right home, I am amazed by my draws with it and the quirky folklore. Thanks. 😉

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