Back in the Amusement Park

Daily Draw July 25th, 2012

Yesterday started out fine and after a bike ride I spent 1.75 hours in the garden reading a book under a nice maple tree with my dog while we enjoyed the cool breeze. When I came in to make lunch I discovered that the refrigerator had died. It was inevitable but still, I hit the panic button as I couldn’t get hold of my husband and I don’t drive. I finally called my neighbour and we discerned that it wasn’t a fuse, and then she offered to drive me to the next town to the appliance store.

So I went down and bought a fridge and they delivered it 4.5 hours later and set it up and took away the old fridge. My husband kept calling me a soldier and saying “My hero!” I ache all over from cleaning up the old fridge and wiping down the new one and several trips to the recycling bins and the garbage and scrubbing the floor to get it ready for the new fridge.

Hey, it works! The miracle of a fridge that isn’t 28 years-old.


This seems to be my time for Tower incidents. That was a doozy yesterday, let’s hope today is quiet while I rest up and stop aching all over. It’s kind of like being on the Tilt-a-Whirl ride at an amusement park and feeling a bit wobbly afterward but not throwing up. However, you don’t want to go on the ride again.





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