Cat Bum Under the Bed

Daily Draw July 21st, 2012

Yesterday was not a great day. I have been bike riding on my bike Purple Sage for 10 minutes every second day and it makes me hurt so much on top of any regular pain I experience. We ran out of food so my husband made a dash to the grocery store for dinner, and then I asked him to take the dog out at 9:30 p.m. while we were watching TV because I was having trouble walking. He didn’t, and 45 minutes later I asked him again and she had already urinated all over the floor, and dribbled her way out the door leaving pools and spots of urine.

I just lost it with both my husband and the dog. I had struggled all day and finally managed to clean the kitchen, and was settled in to watch a couple of favourite programs and then….

I am sore today, but I’m going to go to the library and pick up a mystery I have on hold and maybe some junky magazines like Hello! and People just to zone out on. I haven’t been out of the house or yard for six weeks or more, so need to get away for a bit. What better place than the library? My family laughs at me for buying so many books but they are a real lifeline to me, as is the library. It’s like gold to get a trip to the library. I will browse the OPAC (online public access catalogue) a bit to see if my branch has anything good or some new biographies.

X OF CATS (10 of Swords)

I thought this was a snake coming out of an egg or something and said to my husband “What is this?” and he looked at it and said “It looks like the back end of a cat.” Well of course it’s the back end of a cat, this deck has a suit of Cats. How dumb am I? It goes to show how we can look at reality and not see what is there.

Along with the more conventional meaning of this card, I think that’s what I need to be aware of today—my perception could be faulty. This little cat doesn’t feel safe and is hiding. He feels abandoned and feels like giving up. I felt like giving up yesterday and felt abandoned and then I got an e-mail saying my Dad was going to help out with the expense of going to a Naturopath, so what I might feel is not necessarily what is real.

This cat is hiding but he doesn’t realize there is a new catnip mouse and some fresh chicken awaiting him in the kitchen.

Silly bugger.


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