PCO Monthly July 2012

Daily Draw July 20th, 2012

I am a bit late with this, principally because I cannot believe we are near the END of July. So this is an overview of the month to come, using the 4-card Present Spread from The Playing Card Oracles.

1) Sol – King of Clubs 13 – Week 1

Learned, writing, intellect, awareness, attitude, logic study. Higher forces through the head. This is me studying and thinking about many things including health.

2) Field of Stone – 8 of Spades – Week 2

Yes, I am feeling pretty hopeless as if time is running out. Desolation, gasping, hurting, tied to a rock with vultures hovering. I am communicating this by weepiness and pain. In order to harness the last dregs of energy I need discipline and a good routine. Getting outside and connecting to nature might help as well.

This is the week I am scheduled to go to the Naturopath for the first time. I can see myself dragging my body in from the desert.

3) The Necklace – 3 of Diamonds – Week 3

I could take this literally as I am making a necklace now to give to someone this week. I get the sense of a lasso of joy here, the doves of peace meaning togetherness. Things taking shape out of the smoke, exercise generating heat and alignment in health and opportunity.

4) 3 of Clubs – Week 4

Meditation, reaching up to the universe, contemplation. Living habits—take care—get grounded, breathing. I create with my thoughts, there is an opportunity to set the course. Look inside my own head and manifest what I want.

A predominance of black cards, and Clubs and Diamonds are a good pairing, meaning freedom and energy and inspiration. I have no Hearts which makes me think I have no water to quench the desolation but I also think it could mean a lack of emotion and a focus on thinking my way through this month.

And the Geomantic Figures for this month are:

Puella can be a bit passive and lacking depth, like a young girl, but it can also mean nurturing which can be good for healing. An open heart too, so I feel this might be an indication, given that Sol is around, for me to be more serious and take care of myself and not be pessimistic.

Leading to Albus, which is positive for new ventures and another nod to intellect and deliberation and planning. This can be a weak figure so I guess I would say that thoughtfulness and balance carry their own wisdom if you choose.

The outcome is Carcer, which can be about confinement and prison, or at least immobility and delay, but it can also mean stability and accepting a situation as it is. It deals with the knees and lower legs, which I am having problems with, so I might generally say I need to stay open and stick to it, be aware of lacking depth and deliberation with regard to choosing a more healing way. You don’t heal overnight, no doctor or naturopath is going to be a miracle worker, I need to steady on, and find my own security.

I get a total sense of my mind needing to play an active part this month. It’s not that things are bad, bad, but I think I shall be wrestling with my attitude and awareness. I see opportunity but it’s a matter of getting my mind to see it.


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