Big Cheese

Daily Draw July 18th, 2012

Well, my Naturopath rescheduled my appointment so I have to wait almost 2 weeks. I had my computer turned off yesterday and I got the pendant finished for a necklace gift, so I am well on my way with that. I also listened to some more classical music CDs one of my sisters sent and really enjoyed it.

It is very hot here, and apparently our whole summer is going to be like this. Our 28 year-old refrigerator seems to be dying and they are so expensive, but we might have to buy a new one, despite not having the money.

In short, life as usual!

IV OF RODENTS (4 of Pentacles)


Hiding behind your cheese Mr. Gerbil, afraid to come out? You bet. Normally I would say with The Miser card, as I call this, that he is hoarding his cheese, but today there is no doubt that he is afraid to come out.

A wheel of cheese offers protection but it can also make you fat and unhealthy. He says “I know but I feel so much better when my big cheese is protecting me.”

Lot of nonsense Gerbs.



9 thoughts on “Big Cheese

  1. Stop showing these cards! I’m aware of the deck but have resisted temptation… I love her illustrations in general, but this animal deck is really appealing to me, and I have resisted thus far. You are weakening my resistance. 😉

    Rodents… interesting suit choice by the artist.

    • Hah, and you the man who got me to buy three Lenormand decks recently.

      Fair is fair Jase, you now must buy these, it’s the law.

      Here’s the thing about these cards: I was worried they might be too static or not have enough detail, but the human mind loves to anthropomorphize animals, so you can always eke out a story and details.

      Plus the artwork is just so darn good. I went through many of the artist’s photos at Flickr and she owns rodents, lots of dogs and cats, birds and fish, so these cards really are her life. You can’t beat that in art.

    • I got the pendant finished at least, now I have to string the necklace and make earrings, but it’s the pendant that I was procrastinating on.

      I have never owned a rodent. I once wanted a large white rabbit and was going to call him Ulysses, but les parents nixed that one quickly.

      • Me and the bf were looking at rabbits recently. There was one perky little one jumping about which I liked. It’s funny how you can fall in love with an animal like that and not want to leave without it. I knew I had to quickly leave before I got even more attached.

  2. I used to have a friend from high school who put a halter on her rabbit and took him for walks in parks. She was living in a tiny apartment in Vancouver and loved animals, so got this small fellow for company, but he needed fresh air and exercise and general stimulation, hence her solution with a halter and leash.

    She got a lot of attention and people stopping her to chat about the rabbit. You guys could walk your rabbit and advertise your tarot services.

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