Those Goldfish Become Bitter

Daily Draw July 16th, 2012

I found a small tin that used to contain a tea blend called Flora, that I am going to put the Blue Dog Rose Tarot in. I find it easier to get the cards in and out of the tin rather than the tuckbox the deck came with. The tin also has a little window so I can view the card through that.


Situation breaking down. Epiphany.

What I think of with this is that when I go to the Naturopath this Saturday, I will have to fill out my history, and then the appointment usually takes about 90 minutes or so. It also means that I have to dredge up emotional stuff that I don’t want to. I suppose it’s one of those situations where if I don’t go through some turmoil I can’t get the help, so certain things must be faced.

In my mind I am already rehearsing things I want to say, which is making me bitter and resentful without anything currently happening! There is nowhere to hide in the goldfish bowl.

I will have to keep in mind that after the Tower falls, better things can happen.



2 thoughts on “Those Goldfish Become Bitter

  1. I love that little tin for the cards. It’s great how it has that window!

    I can understand how you feel about the forthcoming appointment. Putting things in order and talking about it all in one go can be a lot to take on. I remember from my own appointment at the beginning of my therapy and counselling before that. It’s like consuming a year or more’s meals in one sitting.

    But I see where you are coming from with this card. There is nowhere to hide, but it might just shake it all up and help in the long run. Maybe it might help to see yourself as the cat, rather than the fish? Great verson of the card!

    • That’s IT–it is like eating a year’s meals in one sitting.

      If I am the cat in this card, I am shaking up the balance and equilibrium. Not sure that is good.

      I think many of these cards have an interesting take on things. I wasn’t sure when I bought it, but it has turned out to be a gem.

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