Hammy Gobbles the World

Daily Draw July 12th, 2012

X OF RODENTS (10 of Pentacles)
QUEEN OF BIRDS (Queen of Cups)

I seem to be the only blogger that is using this marvelous deck. Come on card lovers, it’s a wonderful deck and the PDF file with the author’s write-ups for each card is different, I quite like her fresh take on some of these cards. Apart from the charm of the artwork, the author’s depth and character show through.

Today, Hammy Hamster is stuffing his cheeks and feeling well and being safe. Actually, I think he’s stuffing his cheeks with raw carrots, celery, and fresh lettuce from the garden. He doesn’t want any of that bad cholesterol to interfere with his circulation.

The Red Macaw Queen is a tad overcome with emotion today, sobbing in her chair about everyone who has died in her life and feeling foolish for doing so. However, she has noted Nakisha’s comments on how she could symbolize the ideal woman, not the real one. Yes, real women sometimes are overcome by gushes of emotion and tears, and if it ruffles anyone’s feathers, well too bad.

There is something illusory about her feelings, because old Hammy is having a high old time stuffing his face and reading about Picasso so life is just not that bad.

And I have six decks to scan and enter in my card database. I am up to 370 decks with two inexpensive Lenormand decks on the way. Hammy nods his head and says “That’s the way to go, you can never have too much sustenance.”

Right-oh Ham, thanks for dropping by.



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