Digging Here and There, Moderately

Daily Draw July 11th, 2012

From the always interesting Blue Dog Rose Tarot, I pulled two cards today.

III OF DOGS (3 of Clubs; 3 of Wands)

When I looked at the goldfish it reminded me of how you have to purify tap water with tablets before putting fish in it. Some people don’t realize that the chemicals and chlorine in tap water can kill fish. When you buy a fish you should keep it in the bag in its original water and set the bag in the bowl to bring the water to the same temperature as that in the bowl, and then let the fish out with some of its old water.

Balance, moderation, avoiding extremes! I also like the idea of blending with this. In my case I am blending grief and peace and ill health with healing.

That dog looks like he is frantically digging for something he previously buried. In the book she mentions bold ideas, a clear understanding of your situation, and practical knowledge, which is what I need regarding health issues.

I am feeling much better today and have been eating lots of fruit and raw vegetables and drinking water and walking with my dog gently in the garden. I also gave her a nice brush and a cuddle. She has been an enormous comfort to me since my other dog died.

We are digging for our good health. Those two fish are good company for one another.



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