Sighs From the Cage

Daily Draw July 8th, 2012

I have now identified all but nine of the birds on my Chinese-titled playing cards! That’s a good thing. Pesquet’s Parrot: what a spooky bird that is, unfortunately it’s endangered.

IV OF BIRDS (4 of Cups)

Weariness, unhappiness, depression, disillusionment and a disappointing experience.

When I went to bed last night I started crying about all the dogs that have died and the neighbour’s dogs that are gone too. They all used to come with us and our dogs when we walked in the woods, we were like a true pack. I had to get up for a time until I could settle down. Leroy, Dusty, Abby and Montana—all gone now.

My husband thinks this won’t go away because I keep looking at dogs online and I think he is right. In some way it’s a comfort, in another it simply makes it more painful.

I am endangered too.


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