Hot Warrioress

Daily Draw July 6th, 2012

I had a dream about the guy I bought my sewing machine from 20 years ago. We were going to upgrade the machine to a new one, but I woke myself up. I dislike the Wayback Machine and just felt uncomfortable and had to get out of the dream. It’s another indication of years passing and things never being the same, all tied up with my dead dog and my ill health. Eject.

I got all my card decks in the mail finally. Still waiting two months later for the architecture books.

So today I am using the incredible Spirit Animal Card Deck by Sue Lion. I haven’t seen an example of the back of the cards online so I am showing it here. I think it’s just lovely and I love that the back is black and white. The cards are laminated and shuffle beautifully. I love the way she has composed the art and done frames and textures.


The elk is about pacing yourself and being consistent.

“Honor the company of your own gender…” and realigning with warrioress energy is not something I see since I haven’t seen other people for weeks. Perhaps it could mean to honour the company of my dog, who is my own gender albeit a different species?

Yes, I think Izzy and I shall be warriors today, working steadily on projects and battling the extreme heat. Right Izzer? Right? Izzy….? Isabel?

Spell check wants to change “Izzer” to “Fizzer” in an uncanny moment of sentience.



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