Shipments Arrive on a Star

Daily Draw July 3rd, 2012

I did not have a good day yesterday, I seem to be sinking again in spirit and I can’t figure out why. Anyway, today three books came via UPS, and the bird book is absolutely breathtaking. I also received the Judith Bärtschi Lenormand, complete with its German book. I don’t find German as easy to translate as French or Italian but I do love a bit of a challenge. The book is very nicely done with colour reproductions of the cards.

I also received the delightful Blue Dog Rose Tarot by Nakisha Elsje VanderHoeven, and I am almost at the point where I can spell her name without looking. The cards are separated as they come off the sheet, so I had to put them in order which was a bit dicey on the Majors. Batting a thousand for my lack of memory on card order after X, I did manage them all except I mixed up Temperance and the Tower. How shockingly bad of me. I must remember that the Tower comes after the Devil and Temperance before. As you can guess, there are no Roman numerals or numbers on the Majors. I love it though, it’s like a puzzle.

I particularly liked Chained Dog as The Hanged Man—how apt. And for my friend Steve, I knew he’d get a kick out of the blue budgie being the Star, since he just rescued a blue budgie in the garden and called her Ariel. Because of the radiant light, the budgie does look rather angelic.

So that’s my card of the day.


Hope and radiance and the future, with a dash of help and acceptance.



9 thoughts on “Shipments Arrive on a Star

  1. Hey!!!

    And so much quieter than dear Ariel. Gosh, she is a noisy little blighter in the morning! She screaches ‘It’s 6.30 – everyone up!’ (well, kind of).

    What a beautiful card though. It reminds me of how much I want that Illuminated Rider Waite deck. You know the one? With the swirls and sparkles and stuff that’s probably too expensive.

    Glad everything came. There is nothing like a delivery to awaken us from the duldrums. I feel a bit off tonight, but no delivery as yet. Ordered the smudgy sludgy Golden Waite (too much gold and brown for you, but I couldn’t resist the pinks and warm yellows).

    • Carol Herzer–the Illuminated Tarot. I don’t have the money either, but for those who are curious:

      Ewwwwww on the Golden Rider Waite. Ew brown, ew gold, ew brown and gold. I can barely stand to look at samples. 😉

      I still have 2 playing card decks and the Spirit Animal Card Deck to come and one book on mammals, so next week I should get some treasures as well.

      Are we sad cases, or what? Waiting on the mail…

  2. I didn’t realise that it was as expensive as it is. But with the amount of work she puts in to them, I didn’t expect them to be cheap.

    I have never been interested in the Golden RWS but I fancied something earthy and the majors are probably more colourful than any of my other RWS, including the Radiant. I love how vibrant the 10 of Cups is and the sunsety backdrops.

    Yep, we are definitely sad cases.

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