The Ephemeral Cherry Blossom

Daily Draw July 2nd, 2012

It is a holiday Monday here which is nice. I opened up my card database and was browsing visually and chose A Year in Japan postcards by Kate. T. Williamson.


Koi are bred extensively in Japan for their beautiful colours and odd patterns. We call them carp but koi sounds prettier. I looked up the actual symbolism for them and they represent good luck or good fortune, as they are strong swimmers, and there is a legend in both China and Japan about them swimming upstream to the final waterfall where they turn into dragons.

Perseverance, strength of purpose, and the determination to overcome obstacles is embodied in this fish.

In this card they swim through cherry blossom petals, fallen on the surface of the water. Cherry blossoms represent the ephemeral nature of life. They are beautiful, but only for a time, the petals a metaphor for our transient lives and change and death.

A gentle day of swimming and working and enjoying ephemeral moments of life.



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