Ring of Bright Mandalas

Daily Draw June 29th, 2012

I received the Mandala Meditations Guidance Cards that my husband bought me for my anniversary today. They are great, I was very pleased with the cards and Marg’s excellent write-ups in the book. The bag is stamped with a gold circle like the one on the back of the cards, and Marg enclosed a random bunch of heart-shaped sequins in the bag that spilled out when I opened it which was delightful. I superimposed a scan of the card back on this photograph so you could see the backs and bag together.

The card that most attracted me had otters on it.


Look at the plants and animals packed into this card! What I liked was this thought in the book:

“Sometimes we can leave the need for constant personal vigilance and protection to someone we trust and rely on. Sometimes we have to let go of the need to do everything ourselves and just step out of our controlling selves and play.”

I call my family The Sword Family because we are all air and intellect and rationality and control. The thought of letting go and slowing down enough to notice nature and other things that surround me is something I often need when I get lost in details and perfectionism.

Otters remind me of the marvelous book by naturalist Gavin Maxwell called Ring of Bright Water. I read this when young and it made me aware of otters, as did the Thornton W. Burgess book for children, Little Joe Otter.

So here they are in this deck and they are also in the Spirit Animal Card Deck I just ordered. Hopefully some of the naturalist books I ordered for my birthday will have a photo reference of an otter and I can draw one myself at some point.

All in all a good day.




2 thoughts on “Ring of Bright Mandalas

    • I never read Tarka the Otter! Oooh another otter book, plus a film too.

      This card has a bull for Taurus and the two fish in the middle for Pisces (which will interest you) but I love the flowers which mean to stop and smell the flowers.

      I am really pleased I bought the deck.

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