Climb Those Stairs Slowly, Reflecting on Black Lines

Daily Draw June 27th, 2012

The Artist’s Inner Vision Tarot popped into my head last night and I felt eager to use it in the morning. It’s not my favourite deck, and I had it up for trade and no one wanted it, but I surprised myself when I pulled this card because I quite like it, and I don’t remember it at all. This particular design is by Michele Monet, and the figure is actually one of her photographs that she turned into a line drawing in Photoshop.

PRINCE OF SWORDS – Knight of Swords

Mr. Harum-Scarum, my old buddy, is getting stabbed into the project. I like in the book where she says the black and white floor indicates how this idealist displays black and white thinking—no greys for this guy, he rarely stops to consider nuances. And the steps represent new ways of thinking or perceiving.

So a word to me not to rush carelessly about without having a little think first. I might get back to reading my book The Private Lives of the Impressionists before putting together some earrings later, just so I can have a quiet think before finalizing some of the designs.

I just thought of something…I am hoping to get Jessica Shanahan’s Tarot of the Absurd when she gets it printed, and it’s a black and white deck. She is fiddling about with post-production issues for the commercial printing, particularly the resolution of printing black in CMYK. Who knew that you had to add other colours to the black to get a true, deep black in CMYK? Black and white, no greys!

Mr. Harum-Scarum is dashing about wondering when the deck will be printed, skittering about with his big sword ready to touch the Buy Now button. Steady on fella, let out some of that energy on those stairs, you must follow the path on the map marked with the heavy black line.

He doesn’t have the money anyway right now, the fool. It is so like him to do this, roaring off before he has money saved in his piggy bank.




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