A No Procrastination Zone

Daily Draw June 26th, 2012


“I am ambitious and do not procrastinate or waste time being negative”

This is from the deck Little Reminders: The Law of Attraction by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. it is a 36-card deck but I only have eight cards left as I have repurposed the others. I like Amy’s work with fabric and my first card deck was her Zerner Farber Tarot.

I am working on a jewellery project today and have piles and piles of beads and findings covering my dining room table. I need to keep at it and complete these several projects so I can get that table tidy again. It’s fun to mix and match beads and colours, and I brought my wire jig out and I’m doing some fun wire headpins for earrings.

Then I have two Tree of Life pendants to make for necklaces. One was supposed to be a birthday gift for a friend last August, and her next birthday is approaching so I really need to listen to what this card says and not procrastinate.


2 thoughts on “A No Procrastination Zone

  1. I have this deck, I think. I say ‘think’ because I got it in a second hand shop so there was no book or box. I like whichever deck it is I have. There is writing on the backs of the cards.

    Amy is a very talented woman. I was so taken aback and chuffed when she wrote and said how much she liked my Green Tarot when I was on Facebook some years ago. A very pleasant lady.

    Looking forward to seeing these Tree of Life pendents. I wonder if you could do large ones as window hangings? I guess the beads would need to be much larger.

    • There is another Little Reminders deck too called Love and Relationships.

      Your Green Tarot is fab–wish you could finish it some day.

      You could do window hangings or dreamcatcher with a tree of life motif, the technique would be the same. For the base you could use a wooden circle or a grapevine wreath–be neat to try if you had the money for large beads.

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