Hangin’ with Woden, Wielding Round-Nose Pliers

Daily Draw June 25th, 2012

I have been doing an exercise lately instead of shuffling. I usually do this when I get a new deck to mix the cards out of order, but lately I’ve been doing it as a calming physical meditation. I lay out six to eight piles of cards and deal the deck out, then put it back together and draw. I have noticed that every single deck, even those from major publishers, has slightly different tones on the back of the cards. Who knew?

I am out of money, but I managed to squeak out one other deck in addition to the mandala deck, from the spouse for a 36th anniversary gift. He said to me “I have to get you something better than a deck” to which I replied: “What’s better than a deck?” I am always pragmatic in these matters, roses fade but decks last forever. Or until you trade them, which is what I’m going to do with the Mary-El Tarot. I am also trading some handmade earrings for lovely facsimile playing cards, both are reproductions from the early 19th century, and one is a transformation deck which I collect.

The deck I decided to buy for my anniversary is the Blue Dog Rose Tarot by Nakisha Elsje VanderHoeven. I like animal decks and she has lots of animals here, mostly pets of different varieties, and I like the watercolours and the full bleed of the cards. It seems like the sort of deck you could make stories with or find inspirational in some way. And dare I say, it’s not another collage deck with fake antiquing. A real artist, and a very talented one, painted the deck. I love art that looks like book illustrations.


Here he is hanging around again, which seems to be the story of my life this month. I love this from the booklet: “In order to see the most precious treasures, we must often choose the right observation point.”

But of course! I’m not hanging upside down with all the blood rushing to my head and the circulation in my feet and legs dying, I am choosing the right observation point.

Later that same day, Woden was talking to Nidhogg, that serpent under the tree, and Nid was saying how much he liked cards with animals on them. Woden had his eye on a 44-card deck that had beautiful animal, bird and insect illustrations and Nid said “Come on Big W. we need to get that deck!”

Make it so Big W.

Dang me, dang me
They oughta take a rope and hang me
High from the highest tree
Woman would you weep for me?


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