Procrastinate and Kick the Shark

Daily Draw June 21st, 2012

I am working on my Play Architecture card but not finished yet. The gentleman on the King of Spades is not an architect I like, so I’m avoiding it and doing research here and there.

We are having a heat wave here which is mercifully supposed to break tonight or tomorrow: 43° Celsius with the humidex. My poor Newfie dog is camping out on the cool basement floor as it’s the only way she can get any rest and stop panting.

So, I’m reaching into my postcard collection for a lovely shot of Virginia Beach. Several of these cards were sent to my by a tarot person when we traded a deck.

The Old Coast Guard Station – Built in 1903
Old Cape Henry Lighthouse – Built in 1791
Cape Henry Lighthouse – Built in 1881

Lighthouses reaching to the sky, reaching for the best of life and light, and also contrasts of shadow and light and black and white, being part of the whole.

Good thought, yes? I am on Day 11 of eating properly, and although I did have a tiny bit of cheddar cheese and a bit of baked salmon this week, I am trying to keep to a 90/10 combination of vegan food, so that I can have the occasional treat like grated cheese amid the beans and salad and whole grains.

See that: dark and light, the mixture, the 90/10 ideal amid the whole picture? Guarding the coast of my body, remaining alert to possible floundering on the Reefs of Milk Chocolate along the shore, or the hidden dangers of the Trans Fat Shoal.

Hahahaha, and you thought I was down! No, I’m just fighting off the predatory Ice Cream Shark.


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