Shell Day

Daily Draw June 19th, 2012

Wow, June is winding down and I still don’t have the architecture books I ordered. Let’s hope can scrounge them up.


Good fortune! Luck is lying around waiting for you to pick it up.

Funny, I never feel disadvantaged in material things in relation to others, regardless of their wealth and status, but I do feel disadvantaged in confidence and talent, so I shall have to consider the luck that’s lying around here unnoticed.


8 thoughts on “Shell Day

    • Thanks, that bucks me up!

      I never used to feel that way but ill health and closing my craft business and just having little energy at the moment has battered my confidence.

      I lost my oomph. 😉

  1. We need to restore the oomph …

    Like Miss Menth, I also find you extremely talented and inspirational. Your vision and ideas are magnetic and have pressed so many creative buttons on my own journey. As has your attention to detail. You have such a broad back catalogue of fine work.

    Yeah, I get the confidence thing as well. Maybe it is something that runs through us arty types, how ever much talent we’re gifted with?

    • Thanks for the support. I think cycles like this do run through creative people. Coupled with my chronic pain and inability to heal it has all got me down more than usual.

      I get ideas and then I sit down and just sigh and return to reading a book. No energy. blah.

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