Hanging Around with Copper and Cobalt

Daily Draw June 18th, 2012

I had a dream about an online acquaintance who took offense at something I said months ago and has not spoken to me since. What she thought I said was not what I was trying to get across, but she’d already created a non-existent drama and become upset. I endured too much of that sort of thing in my last job so I left her to it.

In the dream, we were chatting in a library about her life and new hair-do, and she was very happy and bubbly, and there was a Russian man doing a film about her, or learning from her or something. We walked home and she went inside her house and I thought “Oh, now I know where she lives,” but she didn’t invite me inside and when I went to the apartment in a house I was renting, it was right across the street from her home. But she didn’t invite me in and I remember feeling a bit sad about that. I kept walking and turned back and looked in her windows again. The lights were on and there was a child’s artwork taped on the walls and it looked comfortable and cheery as she bustled around the room.

Then I went to my apartment and noticed a woman in the next house had a lot of cats, one of which was a ginger-coloured tabby kitten. So I knocked on her door, explained I was a neighbour, and she never smiled, and when I asked if she had kittens for sale she said “No” and kept looking grim and unpleasant, obviously not wanting me to be there.

From the Portal Tarot:


More reflections and surrendering to the situation I am in. I like the idea of sacrificing my will with this one and becoming calm and serene and just carrying on, seeing beyond today’s pain. I am feeling frail at the minute so the idea of self-will is hanging anyway.

Looking beyond self-will.
Letting go.



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