The Kingly Wader

Daily Draw June 17th, 2012

I am having a doozy of a month. When I did my Playing Card Oracles overview for the coming month, it said things would be bad but rationally I never expected it, so this surprised me. My carpal tunnel has flared up as well as similar feelings in my legs. Inflammation and nerve compression all around. Blah.


One of my favourite cards in the Wildwood Tarot, or any deck, features a heron. There is something so peaceful and calming about the way they move, their patience, their majesty and dignity.

I love in the book: “Greeting the dawn, often alone…” This is me as I am often up really early to see the dawn. One time while on my Dad’s boat on the west coast, I woke up much earlier than everyone else and made myself a tea and went up to the flying bridge and sat and watched a heron and an eagle. It was so lovely and peaceful, etched in my mind for all time.

Perception and reflection with this card, and the idea of balance and support, simply because of the way he is standing, but in a kingly way, a measured way. Intuition balanced with intellect, so those fluctuating moods can be ridden like waves, like floating above them.

I will also take this literally and think of circulation, getting my legs up, moving that blood and lymph around the body, slowly wading rather than straight standing or sitting.


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