Leaves of Embroidery

Daily Draw June 16th, 2012

Another slow day. I have had to go to bed a couple of times and figure the body is doing its healing thing. I have little appetite today so enjoying salads and fruit and my husband has made a nice vegetable and red lentil curry for dinner.

I had an order in for some cookbooks but I decided they were just too ephemeral to spend money on and cancelled the order, so instead I have enquired about buying the Mandala Meditations Guidance Cards set. The shipping from Australia is expensive but I have a wedding anniversary coming up so this can be my present.

I just like the artwork and words for the deck. I very rarely feel attracted to new decks these days, and since I am on a similar healing journey to the author/artist, I think she has something for me in this set.

Among my postcard collection, I sometimes keep nice cards that people send me. This one came from my older sister.


I was thinking of doing a bit of redwork embroidery that I uncovered when I cleaned up my dining room table. I wasn’t up to it yesterday, but we will be watching the U.S. Open golf this afternoon so I might pick it up and do some gentle stitching as I can here and there during the long broadcast.

Tree and roots reminds me of growth and the garden and nature and cycles. I just have to be patient while going through a cycle. I also think it’s a reminder not to embroider the details in the sense of over-dramatizing my current pain flare-up or getting anxious.



2 thoughts on “Leaves of Embroidery

  1. This is a beautiful post. I think you are very perceptive about where you are physically and spiritually and that always leads to healing. It is interesting that this came up because I have been interested in embroidery recently. I’ve been toying with using it for my collection that I am working on over the summer, and it keeps randomly coming up… I think there may be something to it!

    Thanks 😉


    • I love embroidery in fashion. One of the best, Elsa Schiaparelli, used lots of wonderful embroidery. They all seem to at some point–I always like the old House of Worth gowns and Paul Poiret did some lovely things with embroidery in the early 20th century, even some costumes for the Ballets Russes that were heavily embellished with embroidery.

      I hope you DO try some in your designs. Yummy.

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