Cornflowers and Fruit

Daily Draw June 15th, 2012

I arise after a peaceful 8.5 hour sleep to eat fruit: apricot, blueberries, and raspberries. My pain has died down although I am still tender and inflamed.

This plate is a pattern from Johnson Brothers, a division of Wedgwood, that I bought in a 50% off deal via the sales agency I worked for in 1984. It is called Eternal Beau and is just my kind of pink and green, flowery thing. I particularly like the shape of the plate. When my husband and I cleaned out our kitchen cupboards and bought new pots, we were going to buy new plates but I said we should use our “good” set. He didn’t want to, but they had been stored in the basement since I bought them, the cardboard boxes were all musty and mildewy, and I thought “What is the point?” I had them out a few times for guests but we are worth it, so we are using them every day now.

Never bury your “good” life in a basement, you deserve to have a good life now. Don’t be timid.


Timidité . Timidity

I love these cornflowers (genus Centaurea) and have them planted around the garden. They are deemed shy because they are often found growing amid corn, peaking out with cheery blue heads. The centaur Chiron, who was a great healer and herbalist, used Centaurea which is why it bears his name.

You can’t go wrong with that, it is Chiron himself peeking out from the corn saying “Don’t give up Judy.”



2 thoughts on “Cornflowers and Fruit

  1. “Never bury your “good” life in a basement, you deserve to have a good life now”

    What an excellent line ….

    I am going to have to write that down somewhere …

    My friend’s mother Brygida, who is no longer with us, used to have shelves of beautiful blue and white pottery, plates, teapots, etc. She used to lay them out for lunch, tea and supper every day. She said they were beautiful and were there to be used. I totally agree. Like the expensive and rare tarot decks that sit in shrink wrap unused 😦

    • I know you put Brygida on a card–was it for the Pro Tarot or the Green Tarot? I have teal and white plates on my walls but also love blue and white or Delftware.

      I agree about the expensive tarot decks. One of the decluttering shows I was watching a couple of years ago suggested rotating collections of knick-knacks for display. I have found that a lot more fun than having everything out at once.

      The idea of rotation is something I use on the card blog. I use what strikes my fancy for that day and in a sense display it, and then rotate to something else. This idea makes life more interesting for me, and gives me a real pick-me-up.

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