The Stream in the Freezing Weather

Daily Draw June 14th, 2012

“Splash” goes the blood in my veins, enjoying the feeling of spontaneous joy. “Creak” goes the lantern as it swings, while I grasp the staff of support and try not to twist my knees.


Oh dear, I overdid it yesterday and inflamed my back and the muscles in my shins, so I was cramping and twisting all night, sciatic pain like a heated bolt thrown from my back. I seemingly never learn. It is hard to pull back when you’d like to get up and do things, but it will be a few days before I can ride my bike. I hurt myself cleaning it up and pumping up the tires with the manual foot pump. I also hurt it by lying on my back and raising my legs up. Rats.

Two cards popped out today, and I am encouraged by the Ten in relation to the Eight. I consider the Eight to be a personal card as I am often feeling trapped when the way is clear if I calm down and view things rationally. One can survive the storm with calm action. The Ten of Vessels tells me that patience will lead to freedom and stability, but not without a struggle. There is also a hint that blessings are already here, but I will struggle regardless.

Oh well, there is hope. Eating properly gives me energy but I sometimes feel bogged down like in the Eight, and somewhat fearful (look at her face!) of ever getting out alive. The light makes her face look inflamed like the tissues, nerves, and muscles in my body.

So I just put one foot in front of the other, and coming upon a tree with attractive patterns of snow in the branches, I take a photograph and forge on, pondering how the stream runs free in the freezing weather.


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