Volcanic Venous Will

Daily Draw June 13th, 2012

KING OF CLUBS (King of Wands)

Just the fellow to get you going in the morning. This King is very fiery, but it reminds me of having a temper tantrum as well; it is a fine line with him.

There are skulls in the rock of the mountain and streams of volcanic lava. This reminds me of circulation in the body and hidden problems, my screaming pain. Since I find it hard to get up and down from the floor I have been lying prone in bed and raising my legs to enhance the circulation and help with edema. As well, I have been trying not to sit or stand too long, and take stretching breaks every 30 minutes or so. Going into my fourth day of eating properly and drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruit, I am starting to feel better and as I feel better I am feeling awareness of circulation and my lack of it.

To go with this, I took a random snippet from the Canticle of St. John of the Cross:

This too reminds me that health matters are not perfectly understood but I do think tuning into the body helps, I can feel the truth in my heart, and feel the will to change. Faith is not necessarily religious, the root of faith is trust and confidence, and I feel more confident as I take better care of myself.

The King has a good position for an overview of the matter. There is something to be said for trusting perception but St. John allows that this is not a perfect understanding.

Keep moving, keep stretching, feel the blood run freely through the veins.



2 thoughts on “Volcanic Venous Will

  1. What a powerful card this seems to be. I feel like this is also talking about rising to the occasion and allowing yourself to heal. You could be pulled under by the “lava” but instead you are on top of it… you are in control or taking back control of your health. There is a sense of empowerment in this card. And whenever I see wands, I feel like they speak about of focus and commitment and this card really shows tenacity. Keep up with it… your routine will pay off.

    The piece by St. John is powerful because it really gets to the heart of trust, and all of this intuitive work. You can’t always makes sense of what is coming at you, you can’t always be in control. But what you can do is trust in your intuition, in your spirit and the universe and begin to move with the rhythm. You are coming out of a stagnant place it sounds like with you health… and now that you are doing that things are getting better, even if you don’t understand all the facets.

    I also, believe that health is a mirror to our inner world. So it seems you are becoming more aware of it… and to go back to the lava… the things that have been hidden in your “body” are now bubbling to the surface.

    Keep it up… sending you good vibes 🙂


    • I like the idea of “rising to the occasion.” I just hauled my bike out of the basment and I’m washing it and oiling it and pumping up the tires. It has been a while so I’ll start slowly, bubbling to the surface.


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