Comprehension of the Subconscious

Daily Draw June 10th, 2012

I am doing my monthly overview with the Playing Card Oracles. I still find myself hesitant with this and I am not the greatest believer in divination, but I like the thought of a monthly overview.

I see the wings in both Heart cards and the stunted landscapes in the Club and Spade cards. Maybe I just want to fly away and forget it all? Low numbers and low energy and I am missing Diamonds so lacking light and self-confidence. I believe that since I am not getting outside.

1) Present – Head – 2 of Clubs – The Friends in the Fire position. I like the question “Who are you connected to if you sit alone?” What might feel like a wasteland is the quiet and solitude needed for inner knowing and peace. This is an Air card, so I think of mental issues, and perhaps air feeding fire that isn’t there as there are no diamonds, so kind of a mental lack.

2) 2nd Week – Throat – 3 of Hearts – The Clutch – All that water in the throat and communication. I would say this is a marital thing, where we are communicating with too much emotional angst. I like the idea of thinking about what is truly nurturing and what is emotional drama. It’s easy to get into these patterns in marriage where you only focus on bad things, and those are the keys in the picture which can’t find the locks. I also think the idea of putting myself back together comes into it—if you aren’t feeling well you do not relate well to others, the fragments bounce around.

3) 3rd Week – Torso – 6 of Spades – The Ruin of the earth! The lingering past and needing hibernation, rest, and solitude. There is a lot of solitude in this reading, so it’s going to be a month for that, which I tend to think of positively.

4) 4th Week – Feet – Ace of Hearts – Agana has her robe of protection as she seemingly hides herself, but she is winking to acknowledge that she has the situation in hand—note the literal hand. Water card in the feet position makes me think of edema. I just think I need to be aware of my living habits and a foundation of good nutrition and subconscious thoughts. This could be a problem if I don’t grab it by the chin. Agana is being very literal today. Keep your chin up, remain grounded like the bird in the image.

Examining the geomantic figures I get yet another draw with the same first and second witnesses. One of those things. I will take it as an indication that the whole month is going to be about receiving and absorbing the benefits of solitude, and having some rest to comprehend health and communication. Acquisitio, means acquiring something, receiving something, perhaps just that inner knowing that came up in card 1). It means “gain” in Latin so I will gain from it all.

And Populus comes up again which is puzzling but maybe after a month of solitude I will need the community of others? The figures all seem positive to me. I wonder if Populus might refer to being swamped by the opinions of other people? As if to say that after a month of acquiring some wisdom I let it go when other people have a different opinion, like being boxed in. I am thinking it just means to get outside and mingle.



2 thoughts on “Comprehension of the Subconscious

  1. A really interesting reading. Generally, it looks pretty balanced, even without the fire. Equal red and black, everything else bubbling around, even if not in the right places.

    I was thinking. When you say ‘Who do you connect with when you sit alone?’. Well, I was thinking of friends who we connect to on the internet. You and I have never physically met but I think you understand me better than 95% of people who have. I write to you often in solitude. And that guy looking out to the landscape .. well, he is alone, but isn’t, if you see what I mean. I think that all adds a very interesting twist to the ‘friend’ card for me.

    • Bubbling around, that’s sort of how I felt because none of the cards were in the right positions for the elements.

      The wasteland as Internet ether? Actually that makes sense. The small bits of grass or scrub can be the good people we find here and there. Most of it is a wasteland, blackened earth, but….

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