Mandalas I Have Known and Loved

Daily Draw June 9th, 2012

Instead of a draw I wanted to talk about mandalas. I have enjoyed drawing my own mandalas during stressful moments but I like the idea of healing through art and so really liked Marg Thomson’s new deck and her life philosophy.

This is her blog with information about the Mandala Meditations Guidance Cards. I do love it when people persevere and get their decks published. Marg’s fine art is lovely too, she is very talented, and just the sort of artist I like to see creating a deck. She also writes stories and poetry. All my favourite deck artists do! I read and write poetry myself so tend to gravitate toward other writers and artists.

I love to see people follow their dreams. Way to go Marg!

I drew a mandala to go with my Mirrors of the Heart review, which you can see on this blog, but here is another special one I drew the day one of my cats died. The day before I had heard the Elton John song Blue Eyes on the sound system in a store and I knew my cat was going to die; he was a sealpoint Siamese with gorgeous blue eyes. After he died I sat down and drew this for four hours, sitting in front of my window looking out at the bird bath he liked to sit by. The snake represents a garter snake he was tossing up in the air one day on the lawn after he killed it while he was in Fearsome Warrior mode. It’s a reminder of the cycle of life and death and a special little cat.

The original is 7.5 inches square done on Canson Mi-Teintes paper with Prismacolor coloured pencils and some collage of hand tinted paper.

I raise my hand to the mandala creators out there. May we all heal through our art.



4 thoughts on “Mandalas I Have Known and Loved

  1. This is very powerful. I love the Mandala that you created… it captures so much energy and feeling. I have always enjoyed mandalas because they become little doorways, which is what cards are to me. I’m glad you captured your kitty in a beautiful Mandala.


    • Yes, little doorways. I remember feeling absolutely lost until I thought to sit down and create this. It made a doorway into the whole episode that helped me go through to the other side.

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