Daily Draw June 1st, 2012

I have been scrambling to get my house tidied up for a home visit from someone who is bringing their dog for us to possibly adopt, so although I am working on a Play Architecture card, I haven’t finished it yet. I can however, see my dining room table for the first time in several months. When you can see the table, you can sit down and finish projects that you found buried there. And I also found a plate hanger so can hang the plate printed with provincial wildflower paintings. “P” words, perfectly in a row.

From The Endless Gallery
by Bill Sienkiewicz

The Endless Gallery is a collection of various artists’ versions of Neil Gaiman’s characters from The Sandman comics. Today’s card is rather mysterious and dreamy. She is hidden in the wallpaper, peeking out at that tantalizing apple, and there is a flurry of what look like Black-Naped Terns.

This particular character seems to be Desire, who is beautiful and can be either male or female. Desire is supposed to blend into whatever environment it finds itself in and is very cruel. The tracery above the figure looks like an upside down heart and this character’s sigil is a heart of cut glass. Desire casts a sharp shadow and a wavering, translucent one which is suggested in the artwork here. It is the twin of Despair although they don’t look at all alike, Despair being characterized as an ugly, immensely fat woman, with heavy black circles under her eyes and a turned-down mouth of misery.

Desire is the dangerous one though, the epitome of cruelty. She will dangle that apple until you starve to death dreaming about it. She will cut your heart, and waver in and out of the shadows, never seen entirely but taking over your mind.


A caution today about desiring above all else. Not a good idea, lest you meet Despair.


2 thoughts on “Endless

    • They left her here but I feel she was suffering from some health problems so we asked them to take her home again. Whew–a lot of stress. I will post about it today.

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