In Violet Light

Daily Draw May 26th, 2012

From The Cosmic Deck of Initiation:



This refers to the Crown chakra or Violet chakra which is at the top of the head and deals with the brain and nervous system and the feeling of connected or pure consciousness, intuition. Similar to yesterday’s card, it’s also about spirituality and a connection to God.

I hardly know anything about chakras, but this seems rather apt today since I am still going through a painful flare-up of nerve pain and chronic muscle pain, which I believe comes from my own brain rather that an injury to my body. I also tend to be rather isolated and removed from society. Very low energy this week and I’m frustrated with my body, afraid to move, lacking my usual vital spark of joy.

It is essential that my healing therefore involve retraining my brain and nervous system with meditation and a different focus or connectedness. I keep putting it off but that what this card is telling me to be aware of.



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