The Ladder on the Wall

Daily Draw May 24th, 2012

XIV – TEMPERANCE (Reflection)


I am talking to someone about adopting their Mother’s dog and wondered what the cards had to say about it. This seems quite apt; a reminder to take our time and make sure we have the right mix for our home.

I loved the Lo Scarabeo leaflet which says “Be careful not to climb the ladder of success too quickly and then realise too late that you have leant it against the wrong wall.”

So, the slow mix, moderation, reflection, mix and match until you find what’s right for you.



6 thoughts on “The Ladder on the Wall

    • I know, it’s so fresh and different. I really like this deck after using it on and off for several months.

      Really, as you say, it’s the beauty that hits you.

  1. I saw this deck for sale here, but dismissed it as something that wouldn’t interest me. Now looking at this card and your other readings with this deck, I find it rather interesting…hum…

    • I really like the watercolour artwork, but I think it’s the slightly different take on things that I like best.

      If you can get it for a normal price that would be good.

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