Purple Ice Pop Heaven

Daily Draw May 21st, 2012

Yesterday I ordered a book for $11 on making homemade ice pops or popsicles. I’ve tried doing this before over 30 years ago and wasn’t too keen on them because I used frozen orange juice. Today they have all kinds of recipes using fresh fruit combinations and yogurt or infusions of tea and herbs that sound really interesting. I thought this would be a good way of heading off my ice cream cravings and using the fresh blackberries that will come up in the summer in my garden. I now have a small food processor that makes it much easier to chop and mix things.

Well, it’s a plan anyway.

Today’s card goes well with the cover of this book.

39 – PURPLE – Develop Mental Clarity

This colour is supposed to clear mental complexes, negativity, inflammation and aids with rheumatism, pain and the healing of bones. Very good for today as I am dealing with a flare-up of inflammation. It seems to be simmering down, but throwing a bit of Purple at it sounds yummy.

To go with this I randomly chose a snippet from Braided Creek by Ted Kooser and Jim Harrison. This has quickly become a favourite poetry book with us.

Nothing to do.
Nowhere to go.
The moth just drowned
in the whiskey glass.
This is heaven.

Perfect for a purple holiday Monday and healing rest.




4 thoughts on “Purple Ice Pop Heaven

  1. Ooo!!

    I love this plan. You know, I need to get back into making popsicles. I have a couple popsicle molds and generally I get into the ‘mode’ and make them for a while, then stop.

    I think, since it’s going to be summer here soon, that it’ll be easy to get into the mode. Some of my favorite popsicles are made with unusual ingredients. You should try making low-sugar chocolate mint popsicles. You can brew peppermint tea and then add stevia, honey or other sweetener, then cocoa powder or melted chocolate, and some sort of creamy thing (milk, almond milk, soy milk, soy or coconut creamer) and then freeze. Of course for a less icy popsicle you can make a pudding, yogurt or custard base. Those are always tasty.

    Hope you have fun with it!


    • I use almond milk on my hot cereal in the morning. I never thought of using it in popsicles.

      I might try a chocolate one as long as it doesn’t call for reall cream or half and half–that would defeat the purpose. Ditto for the custard or pudding varieties, but different types of milk or yogurt sound okay for me.

      I am encouraged to know someone out there has had success with ice pops. 😉

    • Well I got the darn book Jase but I cannot find popsicle molds. Can you believe that? I will just have to wait until I can get to a bigger town and a kitchen store to see if I can scrounge some up.

      Of course, in the States, you can buy them at Amazon.com–you guys are so lucky.

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