The Value of Postage Stamps

Daily Draw May 19th, 2012

I decided to get myself out of the Friday night doldrums yesterday in Photoshop and had a great, whacking time creating postage stamps. I got permission from a gentleman on a reading group to use one of his photos and then did up a mock letter with a stamp etc. and generally had fun.

I stuck this one at the end of my Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot review since it uses a piece of art that I created for that.

In this one I found an old Hallmark envelope in a drawer and scanned it in to use. I think it looks quite good. The cancellation stamps are from a Photoshop brush but I could make my own customized ones. Mwuahahaha.

Friday nights have sometimes been restless for me. Years ago I used to get agitated and send out long, goofy e-mails to people on such nights, or worse, chat with people who lied about their identity in Yahoo Messenger.

Now I go steady with Photoshop on a night like that, and I think it works out better. It’s a happy sort of thing, half way between contemplation and creativity, and full of the joy of having fun alone without worrying.


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